The Bones & Spiders Zombie Eyes Ring

This special adapter was developed to create a reflection in spiders eyes that looks like zombie eyes. This adapter is compatible with the Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser and should be combined with it to achieve the special effect.

What is that all about?

The Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser not only creates a very soft flash light, but also ensures very nice reflections in spider eyes. The diffuser is reflected in the eyes and together with the lens, the otherwise completely black spider eyes suddenly look almost human. The white diffuser acts like the conjunctiva and the lens like the pupil. This special look is desired and the macro diffuser was primarily developed for this.

The Zombie Eyes Ring ensures that the white area of ​​the reflection becomes larger and the lens can only be seen as a tiny, black point in the spider’s eye because it is largely covered by the ring. This creates the zombie eye effect that makes the spider look downright scary.

This is what the zombie eye effect looks like in action:

The two pictures on the left show the spider eyes with the reflections from the Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser. On the right you can see the reflections in combination with the Zombie Eyes Ring. The significantly smaller reflections from the lens are clearly visible here.

Scope of delivery

The Zombie Eyes Ring comes in a box and with a storage bag. A brief description is also included.


The Zombie Eyes Ring is compatible with the Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser. The ring is not intended as a “stand alone” product as it can only develop its full effect in combination with the macro diffuser.

Where can I get the ring?

The Zombie Eyes Ring is available exclusively from me and not in the „Bones & Spiders“ online shop.

The special adapter can be ordered by email to:

Please use „Order Zombie Eyes Ring“ as the subject.

What does it cost?

The ring costs 20 euros for the Laowa 25mm 2.5-5: 1 Ultra Macro. For other lenses, the price is 23 euros.


The Zombie Eyes Ring can lead to vignetting, i.e. to edge shadowing in the image. But that depends on the focal length or the magnification. With the Laowa 25mm, the adapter does not cause any vignetting in the entire magnification range. Further Laowa lenses are currently being tested, whereby the ring from 1: 1 image scale should not cause edge shading in any lens and from these magnifications, spider macros are usually shoot, especially if special reflections are wanted to be seen in the eyes.