Focus help for the Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser V2

The focus help is an optional accessory set for the Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser. As the name suggests, the focus help ensures a brighter viewfinder image. This makes it easier to see and focus on the subject. But that’s not the only benefit this accessory set has to offer.

The Focus Help offers these advantages:

– The viewfinder image becomes brighter, so the subject can be better recognized and focused.
This advantage of the brighter image can also be clearly seen on the display, which is artificially brightened in Live View mode when the camera is set accordingly.

– The illumination is better, the focus help (at full power) requires about one flash level less. Since the focus light is aimed precisely at the subject, the light distribution in the entire picture is improved.

– The shadowing effect caused by the diffuser shield is almost eliminated. Many insects and spiders react to shadowing by fleeing, thanks to the focus help there is practically no shadowing, also the lightning volleys
are thus less perceived by the subject, which becomes clear more relaxed and noticeably increases the photo success.


Scope of delivery

The focus help consists of an LED light cube from Rollei (with charging cable), a Mini Powerpack (with charging cable), as well as Velcro straps for attachment, partly already firmly glued to the LED and Powerpack and a cable for connecting LED light and power bank. There are also short assembly instructions, but don’t worry. The focus help is really easy to attach.

There are many power banks on the market, why choose this power bank?

Because it is the smallest I can find, it also provides enough power for the LED light.


Technical specifications

LED light

Power: 900 lux at 0.5 meters (at a macro distance of approx. 20 cm to the subject, it should be a good 1000 lumens)
Endurance: up to 80 minutes of battery life (without power bank operation)
Weight: approx. 100 grams

Size: 35 x 35 x 35mm


Power bank

Power: 5000mAh
Output: 5 V / 2.4 A.
Weight: 98 grams

Size: 79.4 x 39 x 26mm



The focus help comes with fastening material in the form of Velcro strips. These allow the focus help to be attached as shown in the picture.
The Velcro tape is attached by me to the LED light and the power pack with a special resin glue and is practically not removable. So that the LED light has a slight incline and thus shines perfectly in the direction of the motif, a specially made small wedge is also glued directly to the back of the LED light, also with the resin glue. Please let me know when you order if you do not want this! Two self-adhesive Velcro strips (included in the scope of delivery) must be attached to the flash, and the LED light and the power pack are attached to them.

Alternative attachment

There is also a second fastening variant, the one with the Velcro strip being the more elegant. The other is the more flexible one. To do this, you need a flash bar and a flex arm or a short gooseneck, although a gooseneck cannot be bent into position as easily as the flex arm.


Price: 70 euros

You can order the focus help, as well as the Bones & Spiders macro diffuser, by email to: