The Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser V3 „Pro“

The macro diffuser in its third generation was specially developed for cameras with a flash hump.

Due to the curved shape of the new reflector, up to 2 f-stops (depending on the camera, flash and lens combination) more light come to the subject than was the case with its predecessor, the V2 diffuser. This means that you can now stop down the aperture more to achieve a higher depth of field per picture, or set the flash and/or the ISO value a little down with the same aperture value.

In addition, the fastening system has been improved, the reflector now sits more firmly and securely on the flash.

This is what the macro diffuser looks like (shown here mounted on the Nikon Z FC and the Laowa 25mm 2.5-5:1 Ultra Macro lens with the Godox V860III flash):

The new logo is now made of high-quality, laser-cut and printed mirror acrylic glass. With the Alcantara cover, which is also used in vehicle construction at this quality level, the result is a very elegant look and feel.
The flash attachment has been improved again and on the one hand ensures a better hold, on the other hand it is now more durable and practically indestructible.
The reflector has edge protection at the front corners.

The big advantage of the new version is the light output, i.e. the amount of light that reaches the subject. The actual quality of light is typical for „Bones & Spiders“, again at the highest level and is reflected in a beautifully soft light.

But it’s best to see for yourself, you can expect this quality of light with the Bones & Spiders macro diffuser:


Scope of delivery

– reflector

– diffuser shield

– Adapter ring (suitable for one lens, additional adapters can be ordered for an extra charge)

– OVP (box and polybag)

– user manual

– Artwork Inlay in DIN A4 size

Measurements and weight

Reflector: length 20 cm, width: 23 cm

Diffuser: height: 20 cm, width: almost 27 cm

The complete diffuser set has a weight of approx. 250 grams.


Thanks to the rubber band and Velcro fastener, the reflector fits many common flashlights such as the Yongnuo 560 Speedlite or the Godox V860III. However, the reflector does not fit on small clip-on flashes such as the Metz M360. The diffuser set is also not compatible with ring flashes. The diffuser fits the desired lens using an adapter ring, e.g. the Laowa 60mm 2:1 f2.8 Ultra Macro, Sigma 105mm f.28 Macro HSM, Laowa 25mm 2.5-5:1 f2.8 Ultra Macro.

When ordering, please specify the lens or the filter thread. You can also ask me beforehand if you are unsure whether your lens or flash are compatible with the diffuser set.

Update (11/11/2022)!

The flash attachment has been significantly improved so that the reflector now sits even better and more securely on the flash. At the same time, the bracket has become more durable and now meets our high standards in terms of durability.
The issue of weight was also addressed and therefore the reflector no longer consists of two acrylic glass plates, but only one. Instead of the black plate on the top, there is now a coating of high-quality Alcantara. This fabric not only looks elegant, it is also suitable for all weather conditions and is therefore ideal for outdoor use. The weight of the reflector could be halved to just 150 grams!
The third major change to the reflector is the emblem. This was previously a large 3D sticker in different designs for the versions V2 Pro, V2 Master, V3 Pro and V3 Master.
From now on, the two „Pro“ versions of the V2 and V3 diffuser or reflector will have a high-quality laser-cut acrylic mirror glass emblem.

Price: 154 euros (incl. VAT)


The prices include insured shipping within Germany. For orders from abroad, please ask me about the shipping costs.

Where can I buy the „Bones & Spiders“ macro diffuser?

The macro diffuser set is available exclusively from me and not in the „Bones & Spiders“ online shop.

The diffuser can be ordered by email to:

Please use “Order macro diffuser” as subject.


A notice:

The diffuser is built or assembled in small series by me. Minor signs of wear and deviations in the material properties are production-related. Changes in material and design are possible at any time!

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