The Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser V2 „Pro“

A good macro diffuser is probably the most important accessory to get fantastic picture results. With the „Bones & Spiders“ macro diffuser, you always have the perfect light with you, no matter what lighting conditions are waiting for you in the nature.
The „Bones & Spiders“ macro diffuser not only offers a very soft light, it also has a lot to offer in terms of functionality and design. The reflector consists of an acrylic glass mirror plate with an Alcantara cover. On the top is a large emblem, also made of mirror acrylic glass, with the stylish wolf spider head logo and the initials „B&S“.

The new fastening system for the flash is now much more durable and provides an even better hold.

The diffuser fits perfectly on the respective adapter ring and sits at the very front of the lens, so the functionality of the lens is not hindered.

There is a practical „Velcro“ connection between the diffuser and the reflector, so that the diffuser is held in position and cannot fly away even in strong winds.

The macro diffuser set is very flat and fits well in the special carrying case.

The bag can be attached to the outside of the photo backpack with the supplied aluminum snap hook, as shown in the example on the right.


This light is expected with the diffuser. Here is a selection of pictures that I have already taken with the „Bones & Spiders“ diffuser:

Anyone who owns the Laowa 25mm f2.8 2.5-5: 1 Ultra Macro lens can look forward to these spectacular reflections in the eyes of jumping spiders. I just love this special „Bones & Spiders“ look.

Measurements and Weight
Reflector: length 22 cm, width: 24 cm
Diffuser (for flash): height: 20 cm, width: 30 cm
Bag: length: 36 cm, width: 26.5 cm
The complete diffuser set including bag has a weight of 350 grams.


What is included?
The „Bones & Spiders“ macro diffuser set consists of a reflector, a diffuser, an adapter ring suitable for the desired lens and a nylon storage bag. An instruction manual is also included.

Thanks to the rubber band, the reflector fits all standard flashes, e.g. the Godox V860III, Yongnuo 560III and others.
The diffuser fits on the desired lens with an adapter ring.
Please specify the lens or filter thread when ordering!

Update (11/11/2022)!

The flash attachment has been significantly improved so that the reflector now sits even better and more securely on the flash. At the same time, the bracket has become more durable and now meets our high standards in terms of durability.
The issue of weight was also addressed and therefore the reflector no longer consists of two acrylic glass plates, but only one. Instead of the black plate on the top, there is now a coating of high-quality Alcantara. This fabric not only looks elegant, it is also suitable for all weather conditions and is therefore ideal for outdoor use. The weight of the reflector could be halved to just 150 grams!
The third major change to the reflector is the emblem. This was previously a large 3D sticker in different designs for the versions V2 Pro, V2 Master, V3 Pro and V3 Master.
From now on, the two „Pro“ versions of the V2 and V3 diffuser or reflector will have a high-quality laser-cut acrylic mirror glass emblem.


The „Bones & Spiders“ diffuser set is delivered in this beautiful poly bag.

Price: 124 euros, plus shipping costs.



Where is it available?

The „Bones & Spiders“ macro diffuser set can be ordered exclusively from me and not in the „Bones & Spiders“ online shop.

The diffuser can be ordered by email to:

Please use „order macro diffuser“ as subject.



The Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser is specially designed for use with a system camera and a external flash. If you have a DSLR, the light output of the Diffuser might not be as good as you’d hope. That is because a DSLR mostly has a fold-out flash or at least one indicated in the form of a hump on the Camera top. Due to this hump, the external flash sits significantly higher on the top of the Camera.
The reflector cannot direct the the flash light to the diffuser as effectively as is the case with a system camera without this hump.
If you have a DSLR and still want to use the Bones & Spiders Macro Diffuser, we recommend ordering the focus help accessory set.  This directs the light better to the diffuser and you even save about one power level of the flash with the strongest setting of the focus help.

The diffuser is built or final assembled by me in small series. Minor signs of wear and deviations in the material properties are production-related.


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